Sometimes I like you, sometimes I don’t. 

Anonymous asked:
You don't have to remember who I am because I remember you. Just keep doing you.

Okaaaay 😊

chrissleeps asked:
oH boys are a joke? :(

Omg haven’t talked to you in 5ever boo

"There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me…" - JB

"Every girl deserves a guy that can make her heart forget that it was ever broken."

Got to see babe for one extra day.

lol but on a different note. sometimes I love people and then others i’m just like get the fuck away from me bitch before i stab you in the face.

You’re the good and the bad in my life. You’re everything that I want and need. No matter how hard I try to convince myself of how I don’t need you, everything just feels so right when I’m with you. I’m sure you have other girls that spark your interest, but I won’t ever stop going back to you even though I tell myself that I will. It’s been two months since you left for college and two months ago I said that I would let you go yet here I am falling in like with you all over again. Being with you for half the day reminded me of exactly why I adore you so much. You give me hope even when you don’t try. You’re the one person that I feel comfortable just laying there silently with. The way you hold me tighter when you know I’m about to turn around. The way you’ll roll over in your sleep to hold me because I turned to face the other way. The way you steal the blankets and don’t share them because then the other way to keep me warm is by holding me. Maybe I’m overthinking these little things, but they’re the reason why you’re always going to be the one I won’t give up on. It’ll be another month or so before I can see you again and in a month I won’t love you any less. We’re complicated and confusing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.